Every Quarantine Ever

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Keep calm and wash your hands. This is EVERY QUARANTINE EVER!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Monica Vasandani // monicavas
Sam Lerner // samlerner
Mark Raub // markraub
Directed by: Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Damien Hass, Shayne Topp & Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written by: Monica Vasandani, Kurt Maloney, Olivia Sui & Courtney Miller
Editor: Mike Small
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
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ree преди 11 часа
we do not sound like that
nazma Shaheen
nazma Shaheen преди ден
For the Neflix skit if he watched everything on Neflix that means he watched peppa pig
If you want to be Australian say crikey mate
Laura Y
Laura Y преди 2 дни
8:19 mentally begging for this line and you guys delivered
Yohenny Diaz
Yohenny Diaz преди 3 дни
3:58 my guy be changing phones
Sheena Ramirez
Sheena Ramirez преди 3 дни
I meet a Karen at Taco Bell😂😂
dokaplieza преди 3 дни
is that the dude from truth or dare
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol преди 3 дни
Is Anthony dead??
kwasomedude преди 4 дни
its funny cause in canada more people have killed theselves than covid
Lauri Conner
Lauri Conner преди 4 дни
ice watched this a million times and im still not bored of it
Lauri Conner
Lauri Conner преди 3 дни
i ment i have
SpleenJuice преди 4 дни
4:40 anyone notices Shaynes phone is a boot
Brian Haas
Brian Haas преди 5 дни
We're stuck in the apt for the next month........uh yeeeaaaaahhhhh
Tigers Fan All Day
Tigers Fan All Day преди 5 дни
I want a 10 minute video of just Damien talking to his cats.
Lunatic преди 5 дни
1:54 Cat: let me sleep human Person: please i need this
Sky Waters
Sky Waters преди 5 дни
This was filmed when we thought it would get better and we were already going crazy. It has been 9 months and we somehow became crazier. Life is good
Brennen Gibson
Brennen Gibson преди 5 дни
crystal преди 5 дни
The man behind the Slaughter
The man behind the Slaughter преди 6 дни
Love how Damien fits the roll of, why use toilet paper when all you need a thumb
Penelope Larner
Penelope Larner преди 6 дни
“We’re stuck in the apartment for the next month” it being January 👁👄👁
Malvika Prasad
Malvika Prasad преди 6 дни
We want shayne's british accent hell more😂😂😂😂
the icecream ninja
the icecream ninja преди 6 дни
My question is why is netflix listening to what were saying
Lincoln Bain
Lincoln Bain преди 6 дни
The guys from the Goldbergs
Xavier Broxterman
Xavier Broxterman преди 6 дни
little did they know 0:29
The Legion
The Legion преди 7 дни
3:44 even Netflix has standards...
Jasper Outdoors stanley
Jasper Outdoors stanley преди 7 дни
So good
Shira Shump
Shira Shump преди 8 дни
2:24 I was dyeing
Jrjake преди 8 дни
Does smosh know everone from The Goldbergs?
Alphadex преди 8 дни
Epic video right here
raif ranjha
raif ranjha преди 9 дни
Ayishatu Ibrahim
Ayishatu Ibrahim преди 9 дни
When did smosh change so much?And when did Ian leave?The intro's gone😭😭😭😭😢
McKenna Enos
McKenna Enos преди 9 дни
Shayne using everything as a phone is hilarious 😂
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril преди 10 дни
Hey me and Ian have the same iPhone
Melanie Mikaelsson
Melanie Mikaelsson преди 10 дни
0:30 Waiiittt is that the guy who plays Geoff in Goldbergs?
Clair Axenchuk-Blood
Clair Axenchuk-Blood преди 11 дни
You Emily is a good singer
Camryn Films
Camryn Films преди 11 дни
Since Damien watched every show on Netflix, how was my little pony?
Greg Judd
Greg Judd преди 12 дни
That’s mean I’m Australian
PR Parody
PR Parody преди 12 дни
Llama Things49x
Llama Things49x преди 12 дни
I already watched everything on Netflix
Febe Lynn
Febe Lynn преди 13 дни
8:45- 9:36 me when I have so many lipglosses..
Tesla Fan
Tesla Fan преди 13 дни
Do they have the entire cast of the Goldbergs now?
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith преди 13 дни
Why the heck was he holding a controller if the tv wasn’t on.....
Gaming And More
Gaming And More преди 15 дни
the fact that shane uses about every single other object, except a phone is funny
Crazy rat
Crazy rat преди 15 дни
Watching this in 2021 is kinda depressing
hysterikal преди 16 дни
2:04 these next few weeks next few weeks (increasingly distant audio, sad quiet piano starts to play) "...weeks..."
hysterikal преди 16 дни
please send help
Oanh Le
Oanh Le преди 16 дни
I like Courtenay
gene bss
gene bss преди 16 дни
Ian looks so grown up 😭😭😭😭 I love the videos tho smosh will always be my favorite BGpost channel i love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Original преди 16 дни
2:24 as a Australian myself I can approve this video
Zucchini A.T
Zucchini A.T преди 16 дни
Is it just me, or when the announcer speaks, he really sounds like Anthony
The nerd Octavio makes whatever Espinoza
The nerd Octavio makes whatever Espinoza преди 17 дни
Is that the actor that Geoff in the Goldberg 1:41
Feigito Usamaki
Feigito Usamaki преди 17 дни
Anyone else watching this in quarantine 2021
Feigito Usamaki
Feigito Usamaki преди 17 дни
2021 eyyy
Raccシ преди 17 дни
Courtney and Shane on the phone except Shane's phone changes every scene
ryo fuadd
ryo fuadd преди 17 дни
Shayne's Australian accent is so bad I fucking love it
Mack Eddy
Mack Eddy преди 17 дни
The Courtney and Damien realtionship scene had me internally screaming 😂
andrew duffield
andrew duffield преди 18 дни
Him doing his australian was very offenses
Talia Hajji
Talia Hajji преди 18 дни
Please just one person who is good please just for me for Talia 💦😢🙏
Talia Hajji
Talia Hajji преди 18 дни
I'm single 😅 will you be my friend 😂 I'm lonely 😭😔 please
Talia Hajji
Talia Hajji преди 18 дни
Day 1 fun day 2 ehh day 3 why 😭😢😩
Comic Book Titan
Comic Book Titan преди 18 дни
This many people are watching this in 2021. 👇🏻
Betheno преди 18 дни
Keep looking at his phone 4:00
John Yoyo
John Yoyo преди 18 дни
Wait wait wait we not gon talk bout the all might figures in the background of Damien’s clip? Oh it’s at 1:49 !
DJ Kosloski
DJ Kosloski преди 19 дни
This was released a day before my 27th birthday...
Kid Austin
Kid Austin преди 19 дни
Happy new year
Avinash A
Avinash A преди 19 дни
Anthony should come back
Sarah Stringer
Sarah Stringer преди 20 дни
Shane’s signature saying: no your my favorite pizza place Ian’s signature saying: I wish I knew how to quit youuuu
JR Snooks
JR Snooks преди 20 дни
( I just meant to say paper one time.)
JR Snooks
JR Snooks преди 20 дни
Legend has it Karen's are still roaming the halls of the closed down Walmart fighting for toilet paper paper
Shukti Sarkar
Shukti Sarkar преди 20 дни
This is now a memory cause that shit don't happen anymore
Levi Footstool
Levi Footstool преди 21 ден
literally everyone in quarantine
Amane преди 21 ден
*9 Months Later:*
Broadway Goat
Broadway Goat преди 21 ден
Damien telling his cat to talk was legit me with my dog. I watched the zookeeper on Netflix and for a legit week, I thought my dog could talk and I kept trying to tell him to talk. I’m 14 😂. Quarantine made me go insane 😂
Luke Karunas
Luke Karunas преди 22 дни
Did anybody else notice that Ian’s shower has a window in it?
Nitro HyperZ
Nitro HyperZ преди 22 дни
That Sméagol impersonation tho.......
Liz Mar
Liz Mar преди 22 дни
Shit, english is not my first language and the Australian part almost blow my brain trying to understand what his was saying
Wyalkrie преди 22 дни
goldbergs man?
Birha Ji
Birha Ji преди 22 дни
Ian started looking like my dad
Gaming Weeabu Otaku
Gaming Weeabu Otaku преди 23 дни
1:17 MatPat : first time huh
Justin Wrzesinski
Justin Wrzesinski преди 25 дни
Me: Just started watching this video oh my god it’s Jeff from goldbergs
Breezy W
Breezy W преди 25 дни
"We're gonna be stuck in the apartment for the next month" 7:40 Think again buckaroo its December and we're still stuck
GameDude Redd
GameDude Redd преди 26 дни
This is just my normal life!
Abhinaba Ash
Abhinaba Ash преди 26 дни
F**k study
H20Cozmic преди 26 дни
0:55 that was the best scene ive ever watched
Da Chaotic Weeb
Da Chaotic Weeb преди 27 дни
Day 1 of quarantine: I’m gonna become a better me!! Day 6 of quarantine: I just watched a whole anime in one sitting, I’m gonna get some cheese balls then cry
69 69
69 69 преди 27 дни
Ian has a Window in his bathrome
Donker Deez
Donker Deez преди 27 дни
As an Australian myself, I can say that Shane' s accent is pretty close to being spot on.
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper преди 27 дни
Yeah except this was in March Quarantine is much worse now
Anthony Campisi
Anthony Campisi преди 28 дни
“I’m going to use these couple of weeks to perfect my Australian accent” NO WEEKS JUST MONTHS
Alyssa Braithwaite
Alyssa Braithwaite преди 28 дни
I’m Australian and that is not how we talk maybe if you’re smart enough to know you can talk like one
OXX преди 29 дни
I hated the Aussie accent part coz I’m Aussie and it sounds NOTHIN like an aussie
Muhammad Farooq
Muhammad Farooq преди 29 дни
Mr. Ducky
Mr. Ducky преди 29 дни
5:36 y do you have a window in your bath tube
AnglerPhishShark Yee
AnglerPhishShark Yee преди 29 дни
Why the hell does Ian have a damn window in his shower? 🤭🤔
battle drodi unit b1268
battle drodi unit b1268 преди месец
I didn't know that damien was a ninja
Glitch Twins
Glitch Twins преди месец
That is not how you speak Australian and plus you just speak normally don’t say couch Side lounge
Some random channel
Some random channel преди месец
Damien that’s a pretty beautiful cat how much I’ll give u £200000 and its called stonks
Esqueakiel преди месец
Are you implying that you’ve been through more than one quarantine either you were thousands of years old or you predicted this illuminati confirmed ( just kidding I know it’s a joke)
Soual Teah
Soual Teah преди месец
Imagine our kids watching this in 2070
TheEngineInBlue преди месец
Exotic_freakout преди месец
Are we not going to talk about the window in his shower
Oanh Le
Oanh Le преди месец
Damien and Courtenay are gay
Mung Daal
Mung Daal преди месец
(0:01) dumm womean
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