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It's a Disney Channel face off on You Posted That! We've got Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of Kim Possible and Matthew Scott Montgomery from So Random! challenging BGpost OG Grace Helbig!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Matthew Scott Montgomery // matthew_scott_montgomery
Grace Helbig // gracehelbig
Christy Carlson Romano // thechristycarlsonromano
Director: Ryan Todd
Show Runner: Ryan Finnerty
Director of Production & Operations: Maíra Corrêa
Writer: Monica Vasandani
Key PA: Angie Dick
PA: Carlos Valdez
PA: Austin Barrett
DP: Nick Giomuso
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Emilie Svensson
Cam Op: Nick Goto
Cam Op: Jacqi Jones
Cam Op: Darren Kho
1st AC: Shelby Conzelman
Key Grip: Trent Turner
Gaffer: Justin Thatcher
Best Boy Grip: Dustin Bloodgood
Best Boy Electric: Daniel Castillo
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Sound Assistant: David Alvarez
Hair & Makeup: Morgan Marinoff
Stylist: Lindsay Hamilton
Editor: Mike Small
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
Director of Social Programming: Sarah Whittle
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
IT/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
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Peter Harris
Peter Harris преди 2 дни
The other two are fantastic
Peter Harris
Peter Harris преди 2 дни
Ohhhhhh i get Grace is "edgy" so forced and fake
K Burgess
K Burgess преди 4 дни
I just love that Courtney and Shane in the audience
extak преди 6 дни
Conspiracy theory: This is how Smosh does background checks on new employees
CipherNein преди 7 дни
oh my Smosh they need to bring this back.
Andre Ponniah
Andre Ponniah преди 11 дни
9:00 I think the word you're looking for is "Precember", buddy
michaelq nottinghan
michaelq nottinghan преди 22 дни
I like how in every video Shane isn't in you can still hear him laughing over everybody. He sounds like a jock from a bad 80's cartoon and that is hilarious.
TheGamer4Fun преди 2 месеца
Mathews face when the hoops came off
Mark Parikh
Mark Parikh преди 3 месеца
I would've chosen Jack from Kickn'it instead of the twins
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson преди 3 месеца
I feel like what’s missing from this season is Shayne and Keith and the piano man. That made the show really wholesome, which is what made it extra funny. It’s still funny, but like, not as good as the old seasons
GamesAreAwesome преди 3 месеца
You posted that👏some emmbarising thing from your past👏instegram,twitter not snapchat you posted that 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Wiliam Kasper
Wiliam Kasper преди 4 месеца
Is anyone else low-key terrified of Christy Carlsen Romanj?
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider преди 4 месеца
Yes! I swear I heard Shane! Lol
Kyrbowman music
Kyrbowman music преди 4 месеца
This video just reaffirmed Matthew Scott as one of the funniest people ever
Isabella Sears
Isabella Sears преди 4 месеца
Omg this is the best episode yet. I died laughing
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen преди 4 месеца
You're not gonna believe thissssss, its Ren Stevens!!! I loved Christy & Michael!
Victor Abraham
Victor Abraham преди 4 месеца
He is very orange
Andrei Louis
Andrei Louis преди 4 месеца
They should’ve done the BGpost OG, Anthony, Ryan Higa, Ian(couldn’t think of another one)
blaine gordon
blaine gordon преди 4 месеца
I miss Keith's songs
Corey Johnston
Corey Johnston преди 4 месеца
“Virgin Mary.” Lmao. How is that made though?
Mars_lander преди 4 месеца
Who noticed that the theme song sounds like bot best friends song
AkaniTV преди 4 месеца
Matthew Scott is so effortlessly funny. 😆
Kjz123 преди 4 месеца
You can cal yesvember turkey
Andrew Aman
Andrew Aman преди 5 месеца
The one thing that messed up this version is the fact that there is no shayne or something there to bounce off of or to make jokes it’s just not as funny
Benjamen Lebedev
Benjamen Lebedev преди 5 месеца
Question - How the hell didn't Matthew make it into Smosh? Shayne lucked out in his audition in 2015. I reckon he got Damien to join in 2017. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY BRING MATTHEW IN?
Sophia Tapang
Sophia Tapang преди 5 месеца
Sophia Tapang
Sophia Tapang преди 5 месеца
Bakugou Ishigami
Bakugou Ishigami преди 5 месеца
This is the most fun you posted that video for me haha
Purple is Fetch
Purple is Fetch преди 5 месеца
I really want Meghan, Shubble, and Mika in You Posted That, imagine the drama and banter between the three of them
Your mom Gaming
Your mom Gaming преди 6 месеца
now hear me out ‘shayne’s laugh’
Soul Safer
Soul Safer преди 6 месеца
at the Boys,boys,boys tweet you can hear Shayne laughing to death.
Connor Xitco
Connor Xitco преди 6 месеца
Bring this show back
Firimichi преди 6 месеца
Sorry for those orphans. Jeez MS
Mikey’sHairStraightners _
Mikey’sHairStraightners _ преди 7 месеца
If this comes back we need to get Frank Iero on.
Soccer Boy Adam
Soccer Boy Adam преди 7 месеца
Get Alpharad and other shitter accounts to do You Posted That?
PriStine CXV
PriStine CXV преди 7 месеца
Why has Ian become Austin John plays
McKenna C
McKenna C преди 7 месеца
Wait why do they just have the pan flag behind everyone 😂
Kiera Turner
Kiera Turner преди 7 месеца
Christy Carlson Romano is ded funny this entire video. Grace killed me. Courtney and Shayne in the background 😂
Jade lol
Jade lol преди 7 месеца
omg gawd i love Grace fhvbdgbrdhdh
Owen преди 7 месеца
Aaron Lawrence
Aaron Lawrence преди 7 месеца
I love that I can close my eyes and still hear her as Kim Possible
Sarah Bishop
Sarah Bishop преди 7 месеца
I love how you can tell that Shayne, Sarah and Courtney were all in the audience (especially Shayne)
Ethan Barrett
Ethan Barrett преди 7 месеца
This show got so evolved even tho i really liked the very first episode when this was just a bit
Clutter преди 7 месеца
We need Aubrey Plaza in this lol
armenianply преди 8 месеца
Did anyone catch Ian saying most instead of more, while reading that tweet.
armenianply преди 8 месеца
16:08 christy had a you posted that orgasm lol.
armenianply преди 8 месеца
No Keith or piano man for intermissions :( lol
Paint Blank
Paint Blank преди 8 месеца
Yo, we should have Shayne, Damien and Joven on the show
ash Taylor
ash Taylor преди 8 месеца
My birthday is August 9th
armenianply преди 8 месеца
Did anyone else notice Ian say second photos and not second photo lol
Venom преди 8 месеца
"it always ends in disaster" *flashes back to markiplier*
Lila Wilburne
Lila Wilburne преди 8 месеца
Shayne laughing in the background id the best part
Rainbow77Girl преди 8 месеца
not ian not knowing how to pronounce sade 😔😟
Bagel преди 9 месеца
It’s funny cuz you can always tell when shayne is there
David Sianghio
David Sianghio преди 9 месеца
I like how Grace is just fangirling over the Disney feuds.
JaxThePurpleWolf преди 9 месеца
MSM: You should've cut off your sleeves. Christy: Oh your right! Ah! *I'M GONNA KEY YOUR CAR!*
Tej Things
Tej Things преди 9 месеца
Please bring back this show in 2020!!
Libby Scattergood
Libby Scattergood преди 9 месеца
this is my absolute favorite game show as of today when I discovered it
BATTIS94 преди 9 месеца
Matthew Scott: I didn't wanna look desperate. Also Matthew Scott: boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys
Franklin productions
Franklin productions преди 10 месеца
They should bring Anthony on the show
roopz10 преди 10 месеца
Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding преди 10 месеца
Please do one of these with Rosana Pansino
ahmed matter
ahmed matter преди 10 месеца
11:29 you know it when you see it
popanga 099
popanga 099 преди 10 месеца
You guys should make them wager however many points they want in the last round
gilapesku преди 10 месеца
Can brandon roger be in You Posted that?
Kayla Agnia
Kayla Agnia преди 10 месеца
wheres keith with his musical :(
Seth Seth
Seth Seth преди 10 месеца
I hope there's going to be an episode where it's Phil, Wes and Ted from Wong Fu
Raw Egg
Raw Egg преди 10 месеца
Christy (takes off loops) Shane:OoOoOOOOoOoOoooooOooOoo!
Raw Egg
Raw Egg преди 10 месеца
Oof that’s it
The Night Ranger
The Night Ranger преди 11 месеца
My mother loves The Great British Baking Show.
Clearr преди 11 месеца
Does that guy not have a forehead?
DrPixel Dude
DrPixel Dude преди 11 месеца
I want jacksepticeye on the show even though he lives in uk 🤬
ToasterStroodle404 преди 11 месеца
Everytime I say that someone will not believe something I always say it like MSM from that one skit they did
Mya Dunlap
Mya Dunlap преди 11 месеца
I love hearing Sarah yell "match that caption" as no one else does
Funk Mate
Funk Mate преди 11 месеца
11:29 We can clearly see the F word🧐. (I don't care, just wanted to comment sth)😅🤓
wawii преди 11 месеца
You guys should invite Quackity trust me his tweets are legit funny
Isabella Gordon
Isabella Gordon преди 11 месеца
I honestly did a double-take when she said her kids' names and one of them was my name too
Patriotic Gaming
Patriotic Gaming преди 11 месеца
You should have it so the audience can vote too during the second round
jon vii
jon vii преди 11 месеца
I want shane as a co host again please
Ellie Wright
Ellie Wright преди 11 месеца
What charity?
Chloe преди 11 месеца
Boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys
Kat преди 11 месеца
I was DYING when Grace was talking about the Sprouse twins
Going Ghost
Going Ghost преди 11 месеца
I love the look on Matthews face when Christy takes out her hoops is "oh God I'm about to get beat up by kim possible"
Blayne Summerford
Blayne Summerford преди 11 месеца
Bring on the valley folk next
Six преди 11 месеца
Christy is the reason I will always remember that we went to the moon in 1969
Shainaivy преди 11 месеца
I miss “So Random” so much
Sade Gabier
Sade Gabier преди 11 месеца
Walked away from the phone for a minute and suddenly Ian was calling my name?? Freaked me out
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr преди 11 месеца
LOL AT SHAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr преди 11 месеца
OMG CHRISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JORD ASTIAN преди година
Only og's remember Matthew Scott on the show austin and ally.
Marcanator 000
Marcanator 000 преди година
bring in ricky 2
Tiger Lilly1125
Tiger Lilly1125 преди година
Its ok, I need the sprouse twins too.
Hellvan Frost
Hellvan Frost преди година
wheres Keith's music...DISLIKE!!
vividli преди година
wow..... y'all are getting less views............
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina преди година
Suggestion: put barriers between the contestants so they can't see who voted for what in round 2. It feels like they are pressured to vote positively
Mia Gadsby
Mia Gadsby преди година
I love hearing shayne and occasionally damien just laughing loudly in the audience
Michelle DiPalo
Michelle DiPalo преди година
Christie needs to be on "Try Not to Laugh"
Evan Borchardt
Evan Borchardt преди година
I’m glad they brought back the OG theme song
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG преди година
One thing I will never understand is why Americans call the Great British bake off, aka GBBO, “ the great British baking show”
Heehee преди година
Mathew was on shake it up he was the person with the clipboard on the first episode
Dr.Ollister преди година
Elon needs to be on this😂
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